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Our Story

This site was first conceived in December 2020 when i purchased a 'Boatman' Actor bait boat for carp fishing.
The first time i tested it on the kitchen table one of the plastic props sheared in half and flew at high speed across the room.
Instantly i thought that was an issue and could be improved upon. So initially i set out to find somebody to design and make some custom aluminium propellers, which not only looked better. But outperformed their plastic counterparts in every way. I eventually succeeded and now supply custom hand cast aluminium propellers specifically for the actor bait boat that are overall 30% more efficient.
More efficient in power delivery, responsiveness, quietness but most importantly put significantly less stress on the motors and use 20% less battery power doing just that.
From there i then thought it would be a good idea to create a kind of one stop shop for Actor bait boat owners for all their modding requirements. Be it LED lights and switches, better battery connectors or aluminium propellers and weedguards.
Of course i then thought why just limit these mod options to one kind of bait boat as a lot of the stuff can be used on any kind of RC boat. I will be having made custom aluminium propellers for most bait boats on the market in time. I will also be offering a small range of boats myself as well as sonar fish finders for use with the boats. 

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